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Friday, January 28, 2005

Mulholland Drive

Finally got Paul to give me back my copy. Gonna watch it here in a few minutes and write a review tomorrow. This is my FAVORITE movie ever!

Supposed to be another bad day in southern Ohio. I got the email from my co-worker "Ms. Weather Worrier."

It said..."My Weather Bug just went off and we're going to get 1-3" of snow and ice tomorrow."

I responded with, "Good, that gives me another excuse to not doing anything tomorrow besides lying in bed, reading, watching movies, writing and sleeping."

Ms. WW writes back, "If you need provisions, you better get them on your way home tonight."

Who in the hell uses the word "provisions"?

I wrote Ms. WW back, "Thanks, Mom. I'll be sure and pick up some beer on the way home."


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