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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Six Year Old Said We Had To Have A Meeting

Rox, Rick and I sat on the couches waiting for the meeting. "Hurry Up Mady, I have to go to church" I said snickering.

Mady started telling us the story of God and Jesus. "There were about 30 people there when he died...Jesus was the son of God." She proceeded to tell us about Easter and Christmas. "If you say a bad word, then you need to come back here so we can teach you good words."

Thank you Mady, you are so precious! Then she made us (and the cat) follow her into the hallway and face the flag. "Put your hands over your hearts and say the pledge of allegiance."

We did...what a great little girl. I love you Mady...GIRL POWER!

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