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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

You Are The Camera

Last night I saw one of my guitar heroes, Juliana Hatfield. The show was at an intimate setting with only about 100 in attendance. She didn't have a band with her and played solo on her Gibson SG. Juliana amazes me what she can do with a guitar, playing the guitar licks along with bass lines.

Before the show started, my daughter says, "There she goes in the bathroom." I said, "Who?" Candice says, "Juliana, go in there and talk to her." So, I did and asked if she was going to play "You Are The Camera," one of my all-time faves. She explained that she couldn't because she'd have to re-learn the song. I asked for a hug and then left her alone.

She played a pretty long show...a lot of stuff I've never heard before. After the concert, Jim (aka Racing Legend Johnny Jackson-Stone) said she was signing autographs. I grabbed a piece of paper out of purse and ran up to get that autograph. She asked if I had a pen, and of course, I didn't (can't think of everything). Johnny, er, Jim ran and got me one (he's a great son-in-law by the way).

Here comes the really embarrassing part. I got on her again about not playing my song. She said, "I told you, I'd have to re-learn it." My response was, "How hard can it be? It's just freakin' barre chords." Then, I told her about when I was in London at the Tate Modern Museum, I saw a photo by Man Ray and was blown away. Of course she asked which one, and I have no idea what it is called. It reminds me of photos in Madonna's "Sex" book-very erotic and exotic. The reason I told her about this is because a line from "You Are The Camera" is "My back and torso like a Man Ray photo." Jim took a picture of us and I went back to Candice and gave her the lowdown. She said, "You didn't play air guitar, did you?" I blushed and admitted I did, along with singing the line to her. I sure hope Juliana doesn't think I'm some nut-job stalker. Time will tell if she's ever brave enough to return to Cincinnati.


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