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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We Were Pierced, Inked, Arrested (Almost), Skinned Up, Q-Tipped, Drunk & Hilliaryed


Where to start with the Family trip to Gatlinburg? Shees, we got into so much trouble. My family is too much fun!

Excuse me while I put my "Tattoo Goo" on my shoulder before I start writing. I guess that's a good place to start.

Got my tattoo of Butthead. It hurt soooo bad! Especially when he knifed the whiskers on. Pretty blurry photo, but the dude did an amazing job! Go back a few posts and see what the tattoo artist worked from. Amazing work. He only used an outline and did the rest free-hand. Butthead's eyes are amazing. I even got extreme approval from Collin, my nephew.

Photo editor still messed up, so I'll try to tell some of the story (without pictures).

First off, SMERIOUSLY, is the new term of the weekend!

1. Pierced...go Tara, got a couple new ones including the thingy that hurts (nah, shut up, already, in the top part of her ear).

2. Inked...Dorothy and I got tattoos. A little thing on the small of her back and a big-ass Butthead (my favorite kitty ever) on my right shoulder. I should mention the whiskers hurt like hell! (See above.)

3. Arrested (Almost)...Dumb-ass Nick couldn't handle Kara and Paul getting kicked off the one track. He had to make sure the whole family of sixteen got kicked out of the whole freakin' park! Escorted by the manager and security guard with the threat Nick was going to be arrested.

4. Skinned Up...Dan took a bad ride down the Alpine Slide and ended up in first aid. Stomach, hands, knees, legs and arms were badly messed up.

Time out here: just want to reiterate, we're all highly paid professionals who act like a bunch of idiots when we get together! PHOTOS SOON-I PROMISE. WE ARE NOT REDNECKS!

5. Q-Tipped...A beer can sitting on the table that nobody would claim. So, I decided to take a swig and realized it was at least two days old. The disgusting part happened as I poured it down the sink and a used Q-Tip came out...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

6. Drunk...Yeah we were!

7. Dan, did you find your bumper sticker yet? Instead of, "Anybody but Hilliary 2008", Nick put black tape over part of it so it says, "Hilliary 2008." Hehe, can't wait until he finally discovers it!

That's it until I can get my software working again to post photos. Plus, eventually, a big review coming at the Gokart Site.


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