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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Almost Outta Here

Family week in Gatlinburg. Gokart track workers, sorry, but we're coming back. Just don't be so pissy this time as we run each other into the walls and you have to pull us back. Don't be calling your boss and telling him to get these ass-wipes out of here. Go with the flow, dudes. We are having a kick-ass time. The most kick-ass time a family of 18 can have.

This is the first time, though, without Mom. Hope you're watching us from above. We'll have some kind of riot going on somewhere, either the hot tub, races, or whatever. Plus, I'm getting that tattoo this year. Love you, Mom.

Can't get to my medium size suitcase in the messy garage. Guess I'll have to pack all my shit in a couple duffel bags...if I can find them in my closet.

My ex-husband is going to watch the animals while I'm gone. We've been divorced for, ummm, 20 years? Chez, the crackhead kitty loves him. She only acts like that when she's in heat. She was all over him. And, this guy used to be allergic to cats. I think he loves her too.

Good luck animals and Tracy. God speed.

See ya next week.


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