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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"XYLs Mount Up"

DocBob announced with his arms crossed into an "X" above his head. It sure is great to be back with my scooter buddies. My cast came off Monday and I decided I had to ride.

I met some of the gang in Northside and we rode to Bellvue (Newport) Kentucky to the new Vespa shop. Jerry had a cooler full of beer and Red Bull waiting for us. Seems like a nice guy. The patio in back is a nice place for a party.

From there, we rode down Rte. 8 along the river. No idea where we rode after that until we ended up in Newport again. Then we made our way back to our home, The Comet, best burritos and beer in the world.

What a great time. I'm back!

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