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Monday, March 17, 2008

Made It Back From SXSW Austin In One Piece - An Hour Ago

And my "death-shirt" is offically uncursed! At the 2006 Northside Rock-N-Roll Fourth of July Carnival, I helped out and received a staff t-shirt to wear while working in the beer booth. I enjoyed Wussy's set that night, even though they didn't play "Shunt" my favorite tune at that moment. On the way home, I crashed my scooter and broke my hand. This past Thursday, I was standing in an alley with Lisa and Chuck as they were talking about the set list for their SXSW Showcase -- happening in 15 minutes. I asked if they were going to play, "What's His Name" my favorite from their newest disc. They explained it sounds like "ass" live because they can't figure out the tempo that worked in the studio. Well, that broke my heart and asked if they were going to play "Shunt" and they said they hadn't planned on it because they rarely play it. I responded with my "Napolean Dynamite" GOSH.

I went on to jokingly tell them that I crashed because of them skipping my song. Lisa calls Mark and tells him that they have to play "Shunt". Strangely enough, Mark was trying to figure out one more song for their list. Long story short...they played it and dedicated it to me. Rock on!

Here's a link to a short review on the Thursday show from "Spin."

And another link from a Philly reviewer (scroll down close to the bottom).

While packing for this long-ass 18 fuckin' hour each way road trip, I found that dreaded shirt. I bravely took it with me. This morning, er, yesterday morning, while filling the two vehicle's tanks (with much cheaper than Ohio gas, BTW, fuck you Dubbya) I announced to Dawn and Mark that I was wearing the death shirt. Mark's response, "Well that's just great Rochelle, why in the hell do you tell us that when we are starting an 18 hour drive? Couldn't you have saved that info for, oh, I don't know, a trip to the library?" I assured them that it couldn't be cursed anymore since they played "Shunt" at both of their shows...and the curse is over!

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