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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Welcome Back Roxy (And Rick)

As I mentioned last night, five out of my ten fingers are split open from the Ohio cold weather. Blew off juggling again. Plus, I've felt like the flu was coming on all day! You don't wan't the details, do you? Started about 3:00 a.m. this morning. Constant running back and forth to the bathroom, making really obnoxious noises...Well, you get the picture.

I digress. I heard last night Roxy was coming back to work. Didn't care how bad I felt, I needed to be there. Plus, I really misseed Rick (her "boyfriend"). I've been carrying around two CDs I made for him since the night of the accident. I'm really sick of listening to these CDs and couldn't wait to go back to my iPod on random (shuffle play).

Back to the story. I showed up and felt the O'Chuck's love all around. Her hand is still messed up, but it was so great bullshitting with Roxy and Rick again. I've missed them so much. Rick just sits there and listens to my mouth spouting crap all night. That poor guy, having to put up with me for a couple of hours every week or so.

I really missed you guys (BIOTCH YOU RULE!) and I'm so happy to see you again. Love ya!

One more thing, Dave G. your back rubs are awesome! Oh, yeah, Rick said he'd give up "Date Night" so Rox and I can make up our night out. Beware, one of these nights Roxy and I will be terrorizing your neighborhood; how much trouble do you think we can cause?

Oops, another thing. This is one of those things I would have called or emailed my mother about IF SHE WAS STILL ALIVE! My former employers, a CPA Firm, split up. I had to hear about it from South Carolina, not from my boss who is one of their clients! Really surprised it took this long.


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