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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Oh, Yeah, Before I Got Trashed At O'Chux

I had to work tonight very late. Yup, had to add 14,177 new products to our internal database. It will probably back-fire some day since the vendor keeps using the same part numbers over-and-over! The problem is when I spoke to our software manufacturer they kept insisting on how you can't use duplicate stock numbers.

Yeah, I know...It's basically the same software we use on our website, and I've found a way to trick it into using duplicate numbers. We do that a lot.

But, I'm really freaked out about our internal ordering system. It could blow up...and I'm fucked!

What it comes down to is that this national company adds new features and I'm the beta tester! It's happened twice now. I guess I'm the only one to play the odds and make it work.

And then, once I make it work, the vendor turns it all over to our competitors and say, "she made it work, so can you."

Actually, I'm kind of sick of living in the fast lane! Too much pressure.

Once again (in a Johnny Jackson-Stone) whisper, "Rochelle has left the building."


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