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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Awesome Use For My iPod

Talking to Rick tonight, trying to convince him to spend the extra $50 on the bigger iPod Shuffle, he comes back with you can get a 4 gig mini for $179. Hmmm, I think, then go for the mini!

But, something clicks in my mind, hey, I've got a 40 gig and only have 1500 songs, plus backup files from work. Why can't I take my downloads from my computer TV and transfer them to my iPod and watch them on my other computer?

He thinks it won't work, and I think it will! Afterall, the computer sees the iPod as another disc. Well, kids, I tried it and it works! Yup, I'm watching three episodes of Arrested Development tomorrow while waiting for the NCAA tournament to start!

Damn, I love this $400 iPod!

Oh yeah, I use my computer as a TIVO and record to my hard drive...technology rocks.


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