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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Working Tonight

Had cocktail hour with Jack and Jenny. Jenny and I went to Donato's to watch our sweet girls work their asses off and we ordered pizza. Holy shit! That place was slammed. I've never seen so many teenagers work their butts off (although Candice and Sara aren't teenagers).

Went back to their house and hung out. I love you guys! Jack, thanks for your little conversation you had with me. I know where you're coming from. Things will be different in the very near future (I promise). Quit worrying about me already. I've had a very bad year or two, but I'm getting over it. Soon I will be completely functional. I just had to take a time out from reality. But, it is now time for me to step it up and become responsible again. I know this, but thank you for being honest with me. I love you man.

I feel like I'm so close to making into the big time here in the Internet world. Actually, I know I'm going to make it and eventually, I can do my stuff full time. Yup, that means working half days for myself and bringing in the BIG bucks.

I need to set my kids up for the future just like my mother did (unfortunately, I have to split it five ways). When I go, it will only have to be split two ways. I just want to leave a bunch of cash and a legacy behind for Nick and Candice.

Wish me luck, OK? I honestly think I'm on the verge of something really huge. I hope it's just not my mind working overtime and fantasizing. In the next year or so, look out, here comes Rochelle and her money making machine!

And, I will remember my friends and family when it happens.


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