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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nick Loves His Job!

How cool is that? My son is actually happy. Mainly because his bosses are pumping him up with bigger ideas to come. Every boss should act like this! I've never seen my Nick so happy; hell, he even wears his steenking badges everywhere.

Seriously, bosses of the world, try giving positive feedback once in a while...it makes a difference.

Jim called me today for advice. ME? WTF? He found credentials of a government worker in the trash can at a local computer store. Fortunately, I have a friend in the same division and he is on the case. I mean, how weird is that to find three ID cards for the same person in a trash can? I hope this person is ok.

What else? I forgot to put shock in the pool two nights ago and the algae has started. Man, I'm a bonehead. Anyway, put in two gallons and will probably do another two gallons this weekend before we head to Gatlinburg for our drunken family fest.

Doug watch out, your ass is going down in the go kart race again!


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