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Friday, August 12, 2005

Saw The Bradys At Rafferty's Tonight

My buddies, Mike and Carol, showed up at Rafferty's tonight. According to Mike, they walked in and he asked Carol, "Should we sit in the restaurant, or the bar?" Carol responded with, "We can sit at the bar with Rochelle."

That was cool. It's weird seeing bar buddies in a different place. Like being in New York City, or Paris, or London and you wonder if you really recognize that guy.

I'm the one that convinced "The Bradys" to buy iPods, which I am so disgruntled with right now. Yup, Apple has received many emails from me. This will be the second vacation in two months where I will not have my trusty music machine.

Right now, my opinion of Apple is, THEY SUCK!

Come on, FUCKTARDS, give me something that works, ALREADY!


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