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Friday, August 26, 2005

Nice Rehearsal Dinner

Thanks guys. A very nice evening.

I told Rachel after the wonderful meal, drinks and gift, I decided I didn't want to read for her wedding. HeeHee. Just kidding.

I am freaking out about this. She told me tonight that I have to walk up three steps right behind her and Kyle and say the stupid poem. Luckily, Paul rewrote it for me tonight so I can (hopefully) phrase it correctly tomorrow.

Last thought; I hope the clothes Candice, Jim and Dorothy picked out in Gatlinburg are appropriate enough. The only other choice I have is the outfit I wore to Arn and Nancy's wedding, but, nah, they are for Scott and Tiffany's wedding next month.

Last thought above was a lie, here's the real final thought: I am taking a Xanax before the ceremony!


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