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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Oops, that's not politically correct. How about, Have A Merry Fuckin' WhoDey Christmas!

Go Bengals. You rock. I will so be at Doug and Dorothy's before kick off. I swear.

The boss let us go an hour early today. But, wait, he gave us baskets with bunches of stuff from Yankee Candle Company. Plus, I got 4 $100 gift cards to Walmart. I've been putting off the Walmart trip for a week. Good thing, I spent $202.36 there tonight. It's so nice not wracking up my credit cards. I love those Walmart cards!

I had a great time at O'Chux tonight. I bought the whole freakin' bar a shot. Of course Roxy only charged me half of what the bill should have been. Girl, you Rock! Oh, yeah, she got a very nice tip.

I'm off to bed now...after I watch AD one more time!


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