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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Those Scooter People Drive Like Ass Holes!

Wow, put 200 km (still don't know how that translates to mileage) on my scooter tonight even though my exhaust pipe is close to falling off.

We met in Covington's Main Strasse and got kicked out for parking on the sidewalk. Some ho bag Harley freak called the cops and screamed "Get those fucking scooters off the sidewalk!" We decided to wait it out and see if the cops came. The whole thing was so harmless. Eventually, a very nice female cop came and said it was against the city ordinance, even though she thought it wasn't a big deal, just has to deal with the complaint. Doc and I talked to her long enough so Seth could tighten my bolt.

By the time we finished the crazy, winding, fast ride around Northern Kentucky, my pipe was rattling again. On the way to The Comet, Doc nearly crashed again (crashed last Wednesday) by turning in front of a car.

What nut jobs, but loveable nut jobs.



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