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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quote Of The Night...

by one of my heros whom solved the problem with my Stella.

I pulled up next to him after speeding around all the twisites and saw 30 or so scoots behind us. "This rocks," I said. He replied, 'What is cooler than being somewhat inebriated and riding bikes like hooligans." Dude, you rock!

WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! The Wednesday Night Riders of the XYL Scooter Club are so much fun. I haven't had thrills like this since Wednesday nights in the old days where I could pass eight clubs (on a good night).

Next stop, Columbus. We convinced Dave tonight he has to go have the "Lesbian Pizza." Even Trent was with us tonight and he agreed that the pizza rocks (from last year). I can't wait...especially since my scooter seems to be running well again. Now I just need to get that performance pipe on and make some cool noises (not as cool as the guy with the Ducati; but whatever).

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