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Monday, March 24, 2008

Bands I Saw At SXSW

I've tried to recreate what I saw. Thursday night is hard to remember after driving 18 hours straight and drinking on top of the exhaustion and staying out most of the night! That's about 42 hours straight without sleep.

Thursday Day Party With Austin Local Musicians:
John Blythe (my friend Tim plays bass with him)
Amanda Lepre
Some other awesome dude...can't find a listing

Thursday Night:
Li'l Cap'n Travis (Austin)
Wussy (Cincinnati)
San Saba County (Austin)
Several bands (I was lost for an hour or two and ended up in three - four venues)
Syd Straw (Weston, VT)
The Raveonettes (New York)

Friday Day Party:
Nicole Atkins & The Sea (Neptune City, NJ)
The Dodos (San Francisco)
Cadence Weapon (Edmonton, Alberta)
White Denim (Austin)
Blitzen Trapper (Portland)
British Sea Power (Brighton, UK)

Friday Night:
YellowFever (Austin)
The Watson Twins (LA, CA)
Castledoor (LA, CA)
Earlimart (LA, CA)
Be Your Own Pet (Nashville)
J Mascis - just a few minutes (Amherst, MA)
Say Hi (Seattle, WA)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelton (Springfield, MO)
Tilly and the Wall (Omaha, NE)

Saturday Day Party - TwangFest
Tommy Womack (Madisonville, KY)
Chuck Prophet (San Francisco)
Waco Brothers (Chicago)
Blue Mountain (Oxford, MS)
Wussy (Cincinnati)

Saturday Night
Sons & Daughters (Glasgow, UK)
Okkervil River (Austin)
Roky Erickson (Austin)
The Sound Track of Our Lives (Gothenburg, Sweden)

That's what I remember for now. Next post will be about my favorites with photos and videos.

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