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Monday, July 07, 2008

Out Of Commission, For Now

I don't what my curse is involving the Fourth of July, but it sucks.

Two years ago after getting into the scooter scene, I worked the Northside Rock and Roll Carnival July 3rd. On my way home, I had a scooter accident and broke my right hand. I wasn't able to ride in the parade on the 4th. However, I did get to see "Wussy" the night I was working and that's where the whole "death shirt" crap came into play.

Last year I was in Gatlinburg over the holiday and couldn't attend. That was when I noticed in City Beat that "The Hiders" were playing. Granted, I didn't even realize "The Hiders" were from Cincy until this past Thanksgiving. I had been searching for them for two years before I found out they were right under my nose!

In the meantime, I have become so wrapped up in the local music scene and I was going to have a blast last weekend. So many great bands were playing at the festival. I couldn't wait!

June 27th, I was hanging at Doug and Dorothy's and decided to go to the tavern to see the "Fairmount Girls" at their cd release party. On the way while sitting at a stop sign on a nasty-ass hill, my bike jumped out of gear and went into neutral. I was rolling backwards down the hill and fell over to the left. My scoot landed on my leg and broke my tibula. The Vulcans...Scooter Dave and Kevin rescued me and my bike. Those guys may be assholes, but whenever you are in a pinch, they become super heros! Thanks dudes!

Long story short, I am totally stuck without being able to drive and barely able to get to the bathroom. My hair is gross and needs to be washed. I think that is the big goal of the evening. I am staying at Candice and Jim's while they are in Phoenix. It is a bitch being alone and trying to get along.

Whateve, hopefully, I will be able to escape soon and get back on my feet and move on with my life. I suppose I'm happy I'm alive and nothing worse happened.

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