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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Does Anybody Remember "Chicken Transistor?"

I'll bet Candice does. Listening to my limited tunes on my new iPod and I am full of stupid memories.

We heard "Vow" by Garbage back in the day, and she said, "It sounds like that chick from Transistor." But I heard it as "Chicken Transistor."

Good times! Who would have thought that Shirley Manson would one day become an icon?

BTW, what ever happended to "Transistor?" That was a great album!!! I need to burn it if you have it??? Step up if you have that most excellent CD!!!

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Anonymous k8 said...

I heard... Candice is a whore. I don't know nothing bout no "Chicken Transistor"

9:04 PM


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