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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

RIP Carrie

Last night, going to sleep, TV was on the news, as always...35 minutes set on the timer. Dozing off, I hear a body has been found in a Middletown Motel and identified as Carrie Roberts. That's my co-worker! I grab my Pocket PC and don't have her number. I throw on some shoes, my coat and run out to my car to get my cell phone. I call and it rings forever, with no answer. I run downstairs, get online to the news channel and find out the body had been found around noon. At that point, I could breathe, since I knew she was at work past noon.

Today, one of the first emails I received was from Carrie, titled: I'm Okay.

Thank God, it was a different Carrie! But not for that other Carrie's family. Rest in peace, Carrie Roberts.


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