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Monday, February 14, 2005

Had Dinner With My Lovely Daughter Tonight

Well not really. Of course my daughter is the most lovely creature I've ever laid eyes on, but we didn't have dinner. Nope, we had $35.00 worth of cocktails (including a tip to my favorite bar bitch). Just choked down another peanut butter sandwich. Gotta remember to get more peanut butter tomorrow.

Got home with all kinds of ideas to write about after taking the long way home to avoid the law. Tried so hard at that one intersection to trigger the light, pull up, back up, pull up, back up...had to wait for another car to come up along side of me wanting to turn left to get the stupid light to turn green.

One of my favorite things during the course of a day is to leave work, have a few, drive home listening to my iPod (set on "My Current Faves") and listen to the amazing music I have collected over the years. Tonight, I heard "Dornia" by Dada, "Not if you were the Last Junkie on Earth" by Dandy Warhols and "Nirvana" by Juliana Hatfield.

So ready to write...but, stupid Cleo (that dog) had unplugged my lamp, the router and the Internet router.

At least I remembered this much. Happy Valentine's Day...Dad, Candice, Jim, Nick, Sarah, Roxy, Rick, Bev...

Oh, yeah my buddy Dave called for the first time in several months. Dave, I hope your date went well, and remember the pointers I told you. Don't rush into anything yet! Happy Valentine's Day, Dave...I hope you find happiness (just not this early).


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