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Monday, February 28, 2005

I'm Back!

So much to talk about, and it's getting late!

First, my fingers are a lot better, thanks, Aquaphor, and thanks, Dr. Lutts, for the suggestion. This greasy stuff rocks.

Friday, Nick, Sara and I started at Rafferty's with lots of beer and Washington Apples. Bev, your Washington Apples rock. Got home and Paul was waiting for us. Then Candice, Jim, Mike and Rick showed up. Apparently, I couldn't comprehend we were playing Texas Hold'um. "Hey Rochelle, do you have any eights?" "No, go fish."

Saturday, Sara and Nick think it's a good idea for Mexican and Margharita's. Yum, good idea. Of course, Candice and Jim don't like Mexican: I hope I didn't alienate you guys, but Margaharita's sounded like a GREAT idea.

$115.00 plus tip later, we (I) go buy another $60.00 in beer.

Hey, just got my tax money back; let's blow it on alcohol for everybody. (The best news is, Doug & Dorothy go out with two other couples Friday and their tab was $900.00; so, I didn't feel so pathetic anymore.) Of course, Doug makes a hell of a lot more money than me. Didn't matter, I just got my tax refund!

Got to Doug and Dorothy's and put the beer in the "maxi fridge." Yup outside.

I kind of got lost...Remember playing a couple games of pool and Dad showed up. Made Doug finish my game because I wanted a cig so bad. Went to the gay bar for Madonna night, and don't remember much else. Dorothy (bless her heart) drove Paul (that's Uncle Paul to you) and me back to their place. But apparently, Uncle Paul wanted more Pinch at the bar. This is what I don't remember. Did I just sleep until you guys got back? Who in the Hell got me downstairs? I don't remember. I do remember drinking more beer with Mike and giving him foot massages! That's kind of icky. He is my son's best friend and my daughter's second boyfriend.

Shit, what a fucked up night.

Sunday morning (afternoon, whatever) Tyler talks about dancing with the "two lesbo's" and they wanted to know who all the people he was with are. Ty-Man says, "They're my family and they rock." It turns out the lesbo's wanted, "Uncle Paul and Dorothy." Sorry I missed that.

Stayed in bed most of yesterday, just tying to read and sleep.

I thought all day today I would just come home and sleep more. But, something made me go to O'Chuck's to see Roxy. I walk in and she is in tears talking to Rick (the other Rick).

Seems she got her second "Red Card" and could be fired! I don't think it will come to that. There has to be some loophole. She brings in so much business to that place. That's the only reason people go there, to hang out with Roxy.

You go girl. Even if you do get fired, somebody can't wait to hire you. You are the best!

I love you, and wherever you end up, I'll find a way to get there. Keep Humphrey comfortable.


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