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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Slumber Party This Weekend

Can't wait! Ty-Man (Git-R-Dun) is coming from Columbus for our little family get together.

We're having a triathalon--darts, pool & foos ball. If you can't do one of the skills, then it defaults to beer-drinking. Woo-hoo...Git-R-Dun!

Oh, yeah, we're also going to the gay bar for Madonna night. Gonna get some waffle cones to tape to my boobs.


Blogger Arn said...

You've gotta get me some pictures of the waffle cone boobs!

Good to talk again the other night. We'll have you over for dinner when we get through the travel Bullshit this next few weeks.

Cya, Arn

9:48 PM

Blogger Rochelle said...

Ha ha...you guys are reading again. Happy I found a captive audience.

Just gotta score the waffle cones first, and I will get pix!

9:54 PM


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