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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bev, Judy & Ivanka

Went to the doctor tonight. She said my blood pressure was a little high. Can't remember the numbers, and even if I could, they mean nothing to me. Ya know, the minute I step inside a doctor's office, my heart starts pounding. To top it off, they took way longer than usual. So I pulled out my trusty pocket PC, and believe it or not, they have wi-fi! I just sat there and cruised the Internet and checked my email. Pretty fuckin' cool. Please don't tell them there's an open connection somewhere.

The doc comes in and immediately says, "I'm sorry to hear you lost your mother. Your blood pressure is higher than I like, so I'm going to double your Zoloft." I jump in, "Wait I'm not on Zoloft anymore, don't make me go back on that"! She says, "Sorry, I just saw Zoloft on your chart and it stuck in my mind. But, I'm going to double your dose on Lexapro for a few months to get you through this rough time. And, do you need another prescription of Xanax?"

Hell, yes! Ding, ding, ding...I just scored!

Seriously, my mood swings are so unpredictable. One moment, I'm happy, or at least functional, and the next moment, I break out crying and screaming, "I miss you mommy."

Left with my three prescriptions and info on how to heal my cracking fingers and cruised over to Rafferty's. I think I actually got more talk time in than Judy. Imagine that? "Drunk Stupid Man" was there and I made sure I never made eye contact with him.

On my way home, listening to my beloved iPod, I heard Ivanka by Imperial Teen. Let's go back a couple years or so ago. I had to take my beautiful kitty Blackie to the emergency clinic because his leg was broken. I knew in my heart he would be put to sleep. I arrive at the clinic and they said he could survive on three legs, but they wanted to run tests first. Turns out, he had feline HIV and there was no use to keep him alive.

On the way to the ER, I heard my favorite song at the moment Ivanka. I knew that I could never listen to that song again. I've always skipped past it (and wonder why it is still on my "Current Faves" list) but tonight, I listened to it!

Shit, my life has turned around that Blackie is now no longer the most depressing thing in my life. Rock on Imperial Teen. Yup, Ivanka a killer tune!

Thanks, Bev for putting up with me a couple times a week. Love ya! Oh, yeah, HI FIVE!


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