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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Heritage Elementary

Actually went to juggling tonight, only because Merry came down from Xenia. Yeah, it was ok, I'm just not into juggling anymore. I'd rather spend my time writing. Just like Arn and Nancy like to spend their time in the woodworking shop.

Times have changed, as we discussed at dinner tonight. Rachel is moving away, and the rest of us just don't care about juggling that much anymore. I haven't told Dave this yet, but I DO NOT want anymore gigs. That's part of my past life. I'm moving on now.

Merry, it was great seeing you tonight! Wish I could have passed a little more with you, but, as mentioned earlier, I DON'T CARE ABOUT JUGGLING ANYMORE! Sure, I'll still go to fests, mostly to hang out and socialize. Come on guys, when was the last time I actually took props with me?

On another note, I told several of you about this tonight. Of course, I never speak of work here on my blog...don't want to suffer the potential consequences, but Ms. Weather Worrier, QUIT FUCKING WITH ME! You have done it to me twice when I think you're being serious, and you're only kidding. But, you have picked the two worst days ever. Give me at least six months or so to get my head together. My wounds are still extremely fresh. I have mostly good days, but you always seem to find my bad days. So, in the mean time FUCK OFF! Give me some breathing space, already!


Blogger nancychef said...

Rochelle, I had a great time last night. It was fun hanging around you all, and having a good relaxing dinner conversation amongst friends. It was cool to hear how you and Arn met, yes, through Juggling, but hey, it's brought you good memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

Other "times" that won't change are "Arn Parties". He does rock with those types of parties. Now with me helping with the parties, there'll be better food. :+) Even though Arn won't want to touch the dips with cream cheese.

Good to see you again Rochelle!

12:43 PM


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