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Friday, April 29, 2005

Good Citizen Tonight

Came home, dyed my hair (about freakin' time, biotch) and, drumroll please, cleaned the damn bathroom. Sheesh, I've never seen such a train wreck in my life.

Tomorrow, I have to get an oil change and have my alternator belt tightened. I called Nick tonight and told him, "that belt is screamin' like a mother fucker."

Then, I am going to Arn's birthday party. Happy Birthday, Arn!


Blogger Arn said...

Hey Rochelle! I think it's going to be a small group tonight. Maybe just us 3, but if that's cool I'd still like to see you. I just caught up with about 3 weeks of your Blog. I see that your life is about as exciting as the rest of ours. We've been travelling a lot and working a lot. We're going to do our trainwreck bathrooms this morning. Oh, and if you use that pen as a kitty dildo, please don't tell me about it! HAH!

8:02 AM


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