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Monday, April 18, 2005

Lied To Myself Again

I swore I was going home straight after work. Let's see, around 2:00 while running disk cleanup, my computer crashed and wouldn't restart. Kept getting .dll messages and everything was hosed. The damn thing would not restart. Found the XP disc and finally had it running again around 5:15.

Went in to tell my boss good-bye...major mistake. Why in the hell don't I just leave?

He pulls up his email and is stressing out because a certain message won't download and it's clogging his inbox. Well, holy shit, the dumb ass sending him the message also included 150 mb of photos. Shit, it could take hours to download that, even on a cable modem!

I think he wanted me to stay there and hold his hand! Not going to happen. Either delete the stupid email and call the idiot and tell him to send smaller files, or suck it up and wait a few hours to download. I mean, I DO HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS HELLHOLE!

Anyway, had to stop and have a couple to blow off the stress. But I did manage to make it home in time to weed wack the whole yard.

I can accomplish somethings even while stressed out!


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