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Monday, May 02, 2005

Bought A Pool Liner Tonight!

I was hoping to be out of this freakin' place this spring. But, nooooooo, no settlement until at least July!

Since I'm stuck here, paid $200+ for a freakin' liner. Oh well, if I'm stuck here, might as well enjoy the summer weekends. I've got a buttload of books to read. Might as well read them while laying on a raft, right?

That personifies summer for me. Be a lazy-ass and read while floating around on a raft.

One other thing, my stupid bra was driving me crazy today. Some dumn tag (or something) sticking me. So, I took the thing off and threw it away...I should have burned it! What liberation; to be able to work at a place, with a baggy sweat-shirt on, and nobody said something like, whoa, you're really sagging today. Honestly, I don't think anybody noticed. Must be these perky, almost 50, breasts.


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