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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I Made It Home

Family night at the Reds game. They still suck (the Reds, not my family) but at least they got a couple of homers at the end. We got to see the smoke stacks send off some explosives with dirty air and hear some loud bangs.

Whatever! I finally hooked up with Rick & Roxy and took them to our killer seats. Bought 8 tickets for $5 each...no service charges and walked all around the place. We ended up right off the first baseline

After the game, we went to some little bar...had a couple of Washington Apples and more beer.

When the clock hit midnight, Jim sang, in a very sexy Marilyn Monroe voice, Happy Birthday To You, over the cell phone to Doug.

Happy Birthday Doug and (Cinco De Mayo) or whatever!

Very nice night!


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