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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hung Out With Jack For A Bit Tonight

How cool is it that I turned other human beings (although intelligent ones) on to Arrested Development? Jack says he and Jenny are loving season one. I'm thinking Jack and Jenny may be first on my list to receive season two. They are burning through these DVDs. They are already half-way through the second disc. Man, I only lent it to them a week or so ago!

I received season two last night, and of course, watched the whole first disc.

Why am I tired?

Oh, maybe one more reason...went to the doctor last night and the Wellbutrin has not curbed my appetite for smoking. She upped my dose and said to give it another month (at least she gave me 30 days worth of samples). I had read all of the pamphlets that come with my medication and they always say to be consistent about what time you take the drugs. So, for the hell of it I asked her if I should be taking all this shit at night or morning. Her response was kind of like this, "Well of course in the morning, take it with your Lexapro. You're not smoking while your asleep, right? Plus, taking those at night will probably upset your sleeping patterns."

SHIT, nobody ever told me when to take my medication. I was taking this stuff at night because my co-worker said her anti-depressants knocked her out 30 minutes later. Obviously different drugs, different people!

Could this explain why I've been an insomniac for the last 18 months? Doctors, please tell your patients pertinent information.

Going to bed now, and I bet you I get some sleep!


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