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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bengals Lost...No Surprise

They did almost pull it off in the end...

Today was a fun. Nick, Sara and I went to breakfast and then drove to Clifton. Nick and I watched Napoleon Dynamite. Can you believe that's the first time I've seen this? Hilarious.

Then we went to the driving range and hit golf balls. Nick damn near killed us a bunch of times. He kept hitting the ceiling and the ball would come flying at us. Terrifying. After that we went bowling. Man that was horrible. I got a 57 and he got a 96. I had 7 gutter balls in a row.

At the bowling alley we went into the bar and there is was...a pool table! I won 3 out of 5. Of course, all 5 were by default. We always scratch on the 8 ball.

Finished the evening off at Chili's to watch the game. Candice and Paul came too. Very nice end to the weekend.


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