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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wow, Arrested Development Is Number Nine On Amazon Now

Very cool. Yup nobody watches this show, but the DVD sales rock. A very good reason why FOX shouldn't cancel the best comedy ever!

Hung out with Jack tonight and I have a new convert. He's only seen last week's episode (season three, episode three) and he says he absolutely laughed his ass off.

I gave him the CD I had recorded for Rick with the first two episodes from this season so it would make more sense. But, he said it didn't matter because he loved this episode.

See kids, if you have somewhat of a brain, you can laugh at this show without all the previous episodes. (BTW, I'm not saying Jack only has half a brain...quite the contrary.) My point is, you don't need to see the previous two seasons to pick up the excellent humor.

Now I'm bummed that I have to wait until November to see a new installment. Oh, well, later next week I'll have the season two DVDs to hold me over.


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