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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dinner With Jugglers Tonight

Arn, Nancy, Rachel, Kyle and I went to RockBottom for dinner. I usually love this place, but they were unbearably slow tonight. Took nearly an hour to get our meals. Mine was good, but came out kind of cold. I was too hungry to send it back for a nuking. At least my lunch tomorrow will be warm.

I'm going to bed now. Had to check my emails...Tried for the last hour to write something here, but blogger was down for maintenance. Now, I'm too tired to think about anything.

I've had extreme insomnia the last two nights and I am dead tired. The last time I slept was Sunday. I stared at the clock all night Monday and it was too late to take a sleeping pill. Last night wasn't much better, but I remember seeing some of the Scarborough Report on MSNBC. Since that starts at 2:00 a.m. I must have had at least 5 hours. But, I'll tell ya, 5 hours is not enough rest for a 48 hour period.

I took my sleeping pill an hour ago, and it feels as if I may doze off any second. Jeez, I hope so!



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