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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Done Ranting Now, Let's Talk About Scooters

I love my scooter. Even if the Chinese workers screwed up my bolts and the exhaust almost fell off and put a hole in the muffler. Yeah, it's covered under the warranty and a new exhaust is ordered, but, I love the way it sounds now! It sounds like an evil bike.

I hit my first 1,000 kilometers tonight. That is about 620 miles. And, I rode all of that in less than a month. I love this lifestyle. Plus, how many of you can fill up your tank for $3.00? Fuck you W. (One last dig and then I'll shut up, at least for tonight).

Sunday, we did an awesome ride. There were about 10 of us and we went down KY 8. Part of the road is closed, but we rode through it anyway. After we got out of that mess, Doc Bob had a tire blow out at 60 mph. He claims he had brown spots in his "breeches." Can't blame him. I was right behind him when it happened and I thought he was just messing around. Scary shit. I am going to buy a full-face helmet this weekend. I don't think my little half helmet would come close to protecting my face if (and when) I take a spill. Safety first, kids.

Anyway, we rode all the way to Augusta, Kentucky, the home of the Clooney's - Rose Mary, Nick and George. George Clooney is so hot! We had lunch and beer at the Beehive Tavern and took the ferry across the river back to Ohio. Finished our ride up Ohio 52 and had more beer at Tostados, our new meeting place the first Wednesday of the month.

Too much fun! I am so happy I met these scooter freaks.


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