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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Magical Evening

First I visited my local Best Buy store and they had 15 "Rock Band" bundles, but none for the PS3, only XBox 360. Grabbing my non-existant balls, I traveled to "Target." Of course I didn't grab a cart. Nobody, has this game in a bundle for a PS3. I have two ordered on stupid web sites, but they are all backordered which means I MIGHT get them in time for Christmas for Candice and Jim.

I entered Target without a cart. They aren't going to have any. But, holy fuck, there was one staring out of the case at me. "Dude, is that really for a PS3?" It was...shoot and score! It was pretty heavy carrying it out to the car. Doesn't matter, I got one!

After I took that bad boy home since I was traveling to the hood, I went to the hood and listened to the bullshit why I am a member.

I got bored and decided it was time to leave. Went to the bar and asked Seth to bring my check. Somehow I was talking to the couple next to me and it turns out the chick is from the band, "The Hiders." Shit, I gushed all over and told her that the song, "You Can't Hurt Me Anymore," is my favorite since listening to the radio 13 moths ago. It doesn't matter, I'm so happy I met her and her boyfriend.

Ya know Arn, it's like we met the "Fairmount Girls" in person, which I have. Northside freakin' ROCKS!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, and RIP Joe Nuxhall! I'll always remember you.

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