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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More TSA Stupid Rules

Apparently, it just started today.

We were catching our flight out of San Francisco this morning and one of the agents announced, "There are new regulations since the last time you flew." Really? We flew in six days ago. What could have changed this morning?

Here it is...not only do you still have to remove your shoes, laptop and have 3 oz. bottles of liquids in a plastic bag, but get this. Now you have to put in other bins all electronics, cords and charging devices. Are you fucking kidding me?

With all of my shit, I needed four freakin' bins! Here's what I had to unload: my coat, the light jacket I was wearing over my shirt, shoes (which were double tied because if only single tied, a disaster is waiting to happen since they untie and I get dangerously close to doing a face plant), purse, backpack, laptop, cell phone, camera, laptop charger, cell phone charger, camera charger and headphones. I had one item remaining, my Tweeze (battery powered tweezers) which I could hear buzzing in my backpack sounding like I was carrying a vibrator!

I dug around trying to find my Tweeze to turn it off, when the agent said, "That's good enough, move on." So, I had to send my buzzing backpack through the x-ray machine!

Everything came out of the conveyor belt ok (surpisingly.) Then I spent another ten minutes trying to find that damn buzzing thing and repacking all of my crap.

So this speeds up security? Who are you kidding! It took me a good 15-20 minutes to complete this stupid, assinine shit.

Flying sure does suck these days!

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