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Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Made It To San Francisco!

We arrived yesterday afternoon and went down to the piers and saw the 70 or so sea lions still living on Pier 39. They are so funny, but nothing close to seeing them in the summer months where there are thousands piling on top of each other. Just hearing them bark, makes me giggle over and over. After that we scored some excellent clam chowder in sour dough bread...yum!!!

This morning (Wednesday) we toured Alcatraz. Geez, that was so awesome...here's a photo of Candice and me shortly after we arrived on the island. (My hair is getting really long and out of control, eh?)
We met up with Bryan Jay from woxy.com for lunch; he works out here now at the lala.com offices. A great time; we went to a dive biker bar for great burgers and great local beer. I love meeting up with locals in different cities and see the under belly of the world. We still have lots of touristy shit to do, but that little bar was very close to hanging out in Northside at the Comet, which Bryan misses immensely.
It was a pretty fun day. I don't know what's on for tomorrow, but it will probably be either Monterey Bay Aquarium or the weird-ass Winchester House? Whatever, it will be an adventure!

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