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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cincinnati Rocks!

At least that is what http://digital.spin.com/spin/200803/ Spin Magazine said. (Go to contents and click on page 118, "Rock City." I have to agree. The music and club scenes are awesome. There are so many bands I haven't seen yet, but they are certainly on my short list...Pearlene, Chocolate Horse, Bad Veins, Kim Taylor, Pernicious Knifs, and many others.

In the meantime I've found a video of The Hiders I want to share. I heard these guys on woxy.com and I searched and searched trying to find their music. It didn't happen. A year or so later, I see The Hiders are playing the Northside 4th of July Rock and Roll Carnival; unfortunately I was in Gatlinburg. My thoughts were how in the hell did they get The Hiders to play? They were a featured artist for a month on NPR!

It wasn't until a few months ago sitting at The Comet I was talking to a couple and the guy, AJ said he played in Seth's band, Pernicious Knifs. The chick next to me looked like a rocker and I asked her if she was in that band. Her response, "No, I'm in The Hiders." Holy shit! I still had no idea at that time The Hiders were from Northside. I gushed on and on about how awesome they are. In the meantime, Beth and I have become pretty good friends.

So here's a video of one of their most awesome songs, or anybody's most awesome songs!

I was perusing youtube; not that you pervs, I've already seen 2 girls 1 cup. But I found this sweet little song by AJ and Beth aka "Delia P."

Check it out:

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