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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Riding With The Lesbos And Kevin

That's me in the photo playing with Keef's rock-solid pecs. OMG, he is such an awesome gay guy...yeah, I wanna do him and it scares the shit out of him (kidding).

It was a beautiful day and we had a blast! Keef said we went over 100 miles (not per hour) total. We saw a freakin' big-ass vulture or something flying above us...Laurie said it was a dog with wings.

We never made it to Maysville and stopped in Augusta. After much confusion and not finding beer anywhere, we decided to bail and go across on the ferry. All was good until I decided, while waiting in line for the ferry, to sit on Kevin's Ducati. Oops. Keef, you looked horrified as I watched myself (in slow motion) fall over into you. I was lucky I didn't roll down the hill with a Ducati, Keef and a Burgman on top of me into the river.

Sorry guys! I should get the "jackass of the ride" trophey.

Good times. We found a cute little place called, "AJs Roadhouse" to have food and beer between Riverbend and downtown. It would be a great place for a meetup this summer. Riding season is here and I'm stoked!

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