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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wussy Is Rocking Harder Than Ever!

I went to SXSW with them. They were home for a few days and took off for a two week east coast tour. Last night, they played at the Comet (my favorite place in the whole, wide world) and I hung out with Dawn for a couple of hours, and then later, Lisa. Oh, yeah, Chuck and Mark were there too. Supposedly, I'm going on the next road trip with them since I am "The perfect traveling companion." I don't know where yet, but Mark says he'll let me know in a week or so.

God I'm having the time of my life. Mom, I wish you were around so I could tell you about it...I know you are and can see how much I am loving life right now. Things are almost perfect. I've got my Lilly Bean, my kids. my friends in West Chester, and now, I am embarking on the greatest shit ever...Scooter friends, band friends and whatever happens in Northside, stays in Northside. Lovin' life and wish you were here Mom!

The geese are screaming above, "Fuck off, fuck off!" I know it's you and Grenada and possibly Sharon. I hope she told you how compassionate Lilly was to her last summer. It was awesome! Lilly sent her off in style!

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