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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lovin' Survivor

Did I ever tell you Thursday is my favorite day of the week? Think about it, the weekend is about to happen, the anticipation, the thoughts of sleeping, not having to go to the office. Thursdays ROCK!

On this Thursday night, I went to the O'Chux on Tylersville. Haven't seen Amy forever. It was cool catching up with her, and then, Pat walked in. Haven't seen him for so long. Way before Mom died. We had a few good moments. One of the better stories I've heard in a long time. Something like this: his Mom was on morphine before she died, they couldn't find veins so she had to take it orally. So, Pat and his siblings decided, for one night, they would ingest the morphine to see what it felt like. But of course, Hospice had already disposed of it.

Pat seemed bummed about it; but at the same time, it seemed like something my family would do. But we would have done it at the gay bar!!!

Anyway, Ian and Angie, I still think you RULE on that Survivor!


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