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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Note To Bev

It's like this, dumb ass, don't click on the envelope; click on the "comments" link. (Probably says "0 Comments.")

Then click on "Post a Comment."

Then, there is a big-ass square on the right side (where you can put in your comment, duh it says something like "Post Your Comment"). R U following so far?

Then you put your comment in the big square. Remember, it's a big square! Put your little mouse cursor in there and type.

Below the big square are some option buttons, just pick anonymous or other, or something. Prolly anonymous is your best bet, then you click "Publish this Comment."

However, it would be sweet if you left your name at the end of the post--er, something like Bev, Dumbass or "I have sex 5-6 times a day." No, don't do that last one or I'll think it's Nick or Sara posting.

Goodnight, Bev, I took a Xanie when I got home. Hopefully, I don't sound like a rude bitch. Love ya.

Don't forget, we may kidnap you Friday night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've finally checked my Emails and have figured this out. I had a great time Fri. This is dumbass checking out!!!

11:35 PM


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