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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Penis Straw And George Washington Apples; Take Two

I'm back kids. Sheez, I couldn't do this last night or this morning or whenever in the hell it was I was trying to do this. I sat here with my brother Paul (and he was way bucked up too, by the way) and laughed...He was trying to play Texas Hold'em (Go Fish?) on the computer next to mine. I was trying to write and add his latest gambling instructions to our gambling site. I wasn't successful at all, and he kept losing, even with his killer poker hands. So now, I'm trying again after lots of sleep.

First thing I did was research to see if there is such a thing as a "George Washington Apple." Nope, I think a new drink was discovered last night. I believe it consists of Crowne Royal, Apple Pucker and, instead of the typical cranberry juice, cherry juice. Also, at Rafferty's they add amaretto, too.

Okay, enough talk about the stupid shot. Perhaps, it's time for me head over to AA, nah, having too much fun for now. I sure would like a chicken chimi right about now. Nah, too lazy to go get one. How about a Mexican restaurant that delivers?

So, I thought about getting a hotel room last night and we could move the party over there. Bev said no. Rick and Roxy considered it for a moment. Michael wasn't interested (I think). But Bridget said, "what's in it for me?" And, after much searching in my purse, I found it! The penis straw.

I think the straw was left over from Staci's bachelorette party from last May? It was kind of nasty with crud accumulated from months of living in my purse. I started doing interviews, using the straw as a microphone,
Johnny Jackson-Stone style. Johnny would have been so proud of me!

It began with, "So, Roxanne, could you please do a 'fuck-off' for us?" She yelled her infamous cry for everyone to hear. Then we passed the straw around for everyone to emulate her chant. Tons of fun. But, I couldn't stop there and started interviewing people...tried to get total strangers (or, perhaps it was one stranger) to talk into the straw. He said, "I'm not talking into that thing!"

We continued interviews until Bridget declared the bar was closed. So, I drove home.


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