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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Time To Lighten Up, Damnit!

My favorite quote from Arrested Development Sunday:

Maeby: Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold necklaces with a "T" on it?

Michael: That's a cross.

Maeby: Across from where?

Also, we saw Henry Winkler (Barry Zuckerkorn) jumping over a shark. Remember where the term "jumped a shark" came from? Yup, when Henry Winkler (the Fonz) jumped a shark on skis on Happy Days.

For a little more amusement, check out this site:
Free Annyong. Make sure you have the speakers on, so you can hear him say "hello." Or, just mover your mouse over his face.


Blogger nancychef said...

That joke was SOOOO Bad, I had to tell everyone in my office.
- cheezy humor is good in my office

9:37 PM


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