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Sunday, March 06, 2005

More Google Backlash

The new Google toolbar currently in beta, is really causing a lot of ruckus in the seo (search engine optimization) world.

The problem is a new feature called "autolink." What this bad puppy does is takes over our web pages with links that Google thinks are appropriate. In essence, web publishers have lost control of their content. We link to who we want to link to, not who Google thinks we should be linking to. Kids, this really sucks. Google is now becoming the evil empire, taking away the crown from Bill Gates and Microsoft.

What in the hell has happened to the previous sweetheart of search. They went public and now they are money-grabbing monsters! Fuck you Google.

Came across a great video tonight spoofing autolinks. A protest of sorts. Excellent find. Thanks threadwatch.org! See the video here:
http://www.betterbadnews.com/22. The whole point is to get people to sign the petition to let us publishers opt out of the evilness. So if you give a shit (and since nobody reads here, you probably don't), sign the petition. Please.


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