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Friday, March 11, 2005

Nick, TMI, Once Again

Nick, I don't want to hear all of your stupid details. Give me a break, already, would you?

Tyler's story was that the lesbos wanted "Uncle Paul" and "Aunt Dorothy." But, according to Nick, they wanted Nick and Sara. He then goes on to tell me the one chick had her hand down Sara's pants. I said, "What, did she like it?" He said, "Yeah, it was cool; but now I have to worry about guys and girls stealing her away from me...but at least I finally found a 'hot' girl."

OK, Nick, I don't need to hear this shit! I am your mother after all. Stop it! Then he says, "We have their phone numbers."

I love you Nick, but seriously, I don't need to hear the weird stuff you guys do, OK?

BTW, George Washington Apples ROCK!


Blogger Paul said...

Rats, Uncle Paul wants some lesbo action. Foiled again!

2:27 AM


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