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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Still don't have much to say!

Nick wanted to hang out tonight so I said meet me at O'Chux. Haven't talked to Rick much lately. Hung out with Rick and told him all about "Evil Google."

Nick showed up and we had a few beers, and a shot. He told Rick all about his exploits...being video taped while having sex, getting kicked out of AAA for having them tow his car from the race track too many times, removing another 36 pounds from his racing car and, mostly, stuff a mother doesn't want to hear. TMI Nick!

Then Candice and Jim show up. Holy shit! How much more do I have to drink to buy you guys a couple of rounds? At least Jim offered to drive me home! (Also, my car has been trying hard to gear up...needed somebody else to drive it.) My $20 night turned into a $60 night.

I love you all. I'm touched you guys want to hang out with me. It rocks to have kids not embarrassed by "we've got to drive her drunk ass home."

Love you guys!


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