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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Babysitting This Week

Had to check on Simon, Candice and Jim's big ole' fat Siamese for the second night in a row. I think he's the one that gave me that rash on my left arm. According to Candice, he loves to be combed and I overdid it last night. Plus, sat on the couch with my left arm on the armrest.

I love cats, but could I be allergic to a certain breed? Something's not right. My left arm is a mess! BTW, I miss you Lila...it hurts when I go into your room and your cage is still there.

Now, I'm hoping the Reds can win...the ninth inning, two outs, but still enough time for Danny Graves to screw it up.

And, I hope some team beats Rob and Amber on the finale of the Amazing Race! Do these two asswipes need another million?


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