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Monday, May 23, 2005

Danny Graves Fired!

Yeah, baby, the all-time loser, cry-baby for the Reds, was fired today.

I had been meaning all day to visit the local newspaper online to get the scoop of this idiot giving US fans the finger. Of course, I'm one of the crowd that is hoarse today from yelling, "YOU SUCK GRAVES" yesterday. However, I missed the finger flashing after he had given up an additional five runs in the ninth inning.

Around 5:30 this evening, I remembered I wanted to see what the scoop was. I typed in the url and at the same time saw this headline on My MSN: Boo-Hoo: Reds Get Rid Of Graves. How perfect is that headline? I immediately called Doug and listened to his wild laughter as I told him the news.

This is great news Red Fans, plus we actually beat Washington tonight. Perhaps getting rid of the bad apple might make a difference?

Not likely, but we can dream.


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